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Andrea H.

"I am in awe, and still vibing about the energy and breakthrough I experienced at the Lirisi Studio. All in Divine Order!"


"I felt so empowered. I felt so in awe of me. I felt the love of myself and my body throughout the shoot. Becoming more and more comfortable with who I am and what I’m becoming. I’d like to thank you for projecting and promoting a beautiful body image for our black women."


“Thank you for this dope birthday gift of the release of these photos. This was an amazing project with LIRISI Photography.”


“You did a great job taking photos of me! You definitely know your lighting. You know how to hide my imperfections, and how to highlight my best features. That's not something that can be taught. You're a natural, and very talented. I must say that I'm extremely impressed! I'd love to have you take photos of me anytime.”

Stacy L.

“These pictures are absolutely beautiful, and I am extremely pleased with how they turned out. I enjoyed working with you both, and coming together for the [photography] class. This was a great experience. I look forward to working together again.”

Caroline L.

“I am very pleased. I am usually very un-photogenic and usually hate photos of me. I like this one, however. So, thank you again!”

Erin T-C

“These portraits are all incredible! I just wanted to drop a line and thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of people I care about, right when I need to see them. Wow, wow wow!”

Pete and Sharon S.

“You make good photography look easy!” 

Linda G.

“This is a great picture! You are the first to do a picture of me that I actually think looks good. Thank you so much!” 


“I have never felt so comfortable having my photo taken before. Thanks for the good experience.” 

Kathy S.

“WOW! You really do nice work! You were very warm, engaging, and fun–not to mention being very talented. Thank you so much for sharing your professional skills, warmth, and laughter. It was a pleasure!” 

Alyssa D.

“OMG these amazing! I don’t know how I am going to narrow them down. Thank you for being so detail-oriented.” 

Megan F.

“I've been just stuck in this mindset that I am not beautiful on paper. It took a lot of coaxing to get me to relax, but they managed to help me see what they saw and I am so incredibly grateful they didn’t give up on me. Thank you. I can’t wait to work with you again!” 

Anastasia A.

“I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful in my life… I had a shoot with Cheryl and Rj Jones of Lirisi.com and I couldn’t have felt more amazing.” 


“Your eye. Your perspective. Your gift. Amazing!” 

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